Avalon Slot: Everything You Need To Know

Slots, or pokies, as the Australians call them, are a real Klondike of the gambling industry. They seem to be simple, but so full of opportunities for entertainment that managed to win the hearts of gamblers around the world. And some pokies maintain their leadership positions literally for months and even years because they are so good and generous that gamblers are unable to exchange them for something new. One of such key pokies in the gambling industry is the Avalon slot. Let’s try to understand what is so special about it that the slot has maintained its rating for so long and is not going to lose ground.

About pokie

The basis of this pokie is the legends of old England. If you are a fan of stories about King Arthur and his loyal knights, then Avalon is the place to be. It appeared on the market in 2006 but is still considered one of the coolest slots, although many of the new ones surpass it with modern graphics.

Avalon captivates with its functionality, but the main thing is the generosity of the slot. There are options for additional Turbo modes and even automatic play. This way you can progress faster in the game by increasing the pace, and this will allow you to win more and not waste time on intermediate actions. In some versions of the game, you can find the function of an additional game. In it, you can bet on red or black, and if luck favors you, you can win an additional amount. You need to enable this option additionally, so check the slot settings before playing.

There are different symbols here, all of them are stylized for a specific theme, in which the pokie itself was created. These are different images of a crown, a treasure chest, a beautiful Lady, and others. There is also a Scatter symbol that can replace any other symbol in the combination. The signature image of the Avalon logo is used as the Scatter.

Bonuses and features

The first and most important thing that you can get in this pokie is free spins. In total, the slot will give you 12 spins with the possibility of x7 multiplier wins. And if you are lucky enough to get an Avalon symbol or a chest, then the spins will be activated again. This is a simple bonus, but very nice, and it also works quite often, unlike other pokies’ bonuses.

The slot has a very high RTP, it is about 97%. This is the highest number for pokies, and given the size of the jackpot and other bonuses, we can say with confidence that such an RTP is more than deserved. You can win $30,000 or even $100,000 from a single bet, this also happens.

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