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Poker Tips 1 When you are playing an online multi-table tournament, you can greatly increase your chances of winning if you time the blinds. generally it takes about one minute per player per hand for the blinds to move. therefore if you see that they are coming soon, speed up or slow down your play so that the blinds don’t raise until the big blind passes you. over the course of the tournament you will save yourself a lot of chips 2 You have a time bank available for multi-table tournaments which starts at about 30 seconds and goes up to 60 seconds, or almost 2 minutes for speed tournaments, near the end. use this time bank as needed to time the blinds. it is like having an extra time out in football. you may gain an extra chance to win if you have time to burn just before the tables start playing hand for hand. 3 You can skip the blinds all together sometimes on multi-table tournaments by timing your seat change. as players get knocked out, tables are condensed. for example, if you are on table 120, that means there are at least 1,200 people or more in the game at 10 per table. in this case you would be moving to another table when you get to 1,190 players left or less. stall when necessary so the blinds won’t get to you before you change tables. because as you stall, players are getting knocked out and you may be moved into a better blind position on your new table. 4 Play tight for the first hour or two. it is not in the first hour or two you will win the tournament, but you could lose. therefore, wait for the good cards, and take your chances when the odds are in your favor. 5 Try to stay above the average chip count after the first two hours. this is the time it starts to matter more. 6 When the tables start playing hand for hand, you’re getting close. make sure to look at the other tables, watch as much as you can, and see who the short stacks are. sometimes just knowing this will get you in the money or help you win the entry. 7 When you get down to the last 3 tables, pull them up on your computer if you can. watch as closely as possible as these may be the players you will be playing against very soon. 8 If you’re playing an entry tournament (satellite) and there are 30-40 players left, keep in mind that it is more likely that some other players are more impatient and more aggressive than you. therefore you can often limp in even being the short stack. it may be wise to bet only when you have to. 9 If you’re playing a (satellite) or qualifying tournament, please do yourself and the others a favor and go all-in after you have qualified.

many of the players you’re playing against just want to end the tournament and you may be playing against them again. pride has no meaning here as you are all winners. 10 If you love seat 8,9, or 10. you can have a good chance of getting them. in a multi tournament. just buy in very, very late, such as the last minute or two, and you will get one of these seats. the late buy-in on multi tournaments works like this: just divide the number of players expected by the number of current players. example: (1000 divided by 750) = 7.5. or 7.5 seat. because time is passing while you do this, you should round up to the nearest whole. therefore at this time if you log in/register, you should get seat number 8. please note that many players buy in at the very deadline so it is best to round down from the number of seat you want. .example: 700 players in an expected 1000 player tournament, buy in at about 730 if you want to get seat number 8 and 830 if you want seat number 9. if you want seat #10, wait just before the multi tournament is about to start. try this and you will be surprised how often it works. 11 In a multi table speed tournament, sometimes the most important thing is timing the blinds since they go up so fast. use your time bank and every piece of strategy possible to try to skip the blinds. 12 In a single table speed tournament, you can almost always make it to 4th place by not even playing. time the blinds as much as possible here as well.